Milan Cathedral and the Holy Nail Relic

Months ago, I couldn’t be any happier to learn that I was going to Milan (for work)–the global capital of fashion and design. Like my previous trips, I did not have enough time to do an extensive research. Besides, I only had around 2 days to tour around; so I pretty much just visited the places around Duomo.


A truly memorable experience when I visited the Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral on a Sunday. I was not required to pay the entrance fee because I attended the afternoon mass so I also did not have to join the long queue for tourists.


After the mass, I saw a lot people rushing to the altar, taking photos of the cross. I sat back and watched them as I took in the beauty of the 5th largest church in the world.

After 15 minutes, I got really curious why a lot of people were taking photos of the golden cross (and there are security who will stop you if you take selfies). I needed to satisfy my curiousity so I went up and talked to one of the security men (may I just say that Italians are indeed gorgeous hahaha). I asked what’s the history behind the cross…


I found out that inside the cross is one of the Holy nails used during the Crucifixion of Jesus and also a fragment of the Cross. They say that the relic is only exposed for the public once a year (not so sure if it’s just for a week or the whole month of September). So yeah, hashtag really blessed. Truly grateful for this experience!

Holy Nail (YouGotStamp copyright)

The security gave me a card with a close-up photo of the Holy Nail and an Italian prayer at the back. I can’t believe I was able to see this Holy relic in person. (Kindly not copy the photo without permission from the owner).


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