Coziest Hotel in Iceland

This is, without exaggeration, probably one of the best places we’ve stayed in our entire lives.

Yes, it’s true, Northern Comfort Apartments is now our most favorite place. Nope, it’s not a luxury hotel with a 24/7 room service and world-class facilities, BUT it is the coziest accommodation we’ve ever experienced! In fact, we thought of using their room layout for a future place of our own (although I would prefer a little more closet space 😅).

Superior ‘Cozy’ Studio

We were looking online for the best (yet still very much affordable) place to stay in Iceland, being that it was our first time there and we didn’t know what to expect, but the places we came across were above our budget and the more affordable ones didn’t have private bath. We were actually surprised to learn that most accommodations in Iceland featured bathroom-sharing. Of course, to have a private bath, you’d have to pay a little more — and it’s not just a few dollars we’re talking about here and quite a big difference.

So a month before our trip, we were lucky to find this place. Glad that I tried Expedia to see what other options they had as opposed to Agoda and and it was a good decision. It’s probably destiny that we found this place in the end.


Queen bed perfect for couples visiting Iceland.

Northern Comfort Apartments Reykjavik has six 20 sqm. (210 sq ft) Superior Studios. Each room has a 40″ LCD TV with satellite channels (although a lot of the content was not in English) it would’ve been awesome to have at least one channel serving international movies.


These two chairs were very comfortable to sit on but most of the time, we used it for our bags and clothes like any self-respecting human being lol.

Best Kitchenette, ever!

Beats our own kitchen at home

One of the reasons why we enjoyed our stay here was because of this beautiful kitchenette. Though it was quite small, it was complete. They had everything! Coffee maker, kettle, utensils, glass bakeware, dishes, bowls, champagne glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, big knives, small knives, a wine opener, a can opener, different ladles, pots, pans, a flashlight, extra batteries, extra bulbs… the works! It’s even more complete than our kitchen at home!😂

Our friends the fridge and dishwasher

A very big bonus (for us Asians, since we rarely have it in our homes) is this dishwasher! Man, you have no idea how happy we were to see this! Imagine washing dishes during winter! Yup we never had to do that. All we had to do was stick the dishes in this thing and turn it on. Such a great convenience. Dishwasher > washing dishes. All day, everyday.

Clean Bathroom with a Heater


Just look at how clean this bathroom is! Everything’s clean and dry. Every single day, they make sure the bathroom is spotless and I absolutely love that about this place.

There’s also a heater inside the bath so you don’t have to worry about wet clothes. You can just hang them up to dry on the heated towel rack. No excuse for you not to take a bath even during snow storms!😆

Such pretty lights that make the room extra cozy

5-star Service – better than a luxury hotel

We were actually surprised that when we arrived, there was no concierge/reception area. We probably did not read the instructions well before arriving but I guess they mentioned that we should get our room key from the welcome area. We tried looking for a person in-charge for like 3 minutes before realizing that there are envelopes with names and it’s where you can get the key and a welcome note. It was refreshing to find this kind of hotel which trusts people.

(We actually took photos of the welcome kit and more photos of the room for this blog review but unfortunately we couldn’t find copies of the photos. Would’ve been nice to have photos as reference.😔 )

Anyway, there was a time that we purposely placed the “do not disturb” sign for a day because we had a lot stuff, which we were not able to fix, so we were shy to have someone clean the room for us. The night we arrived from our day tour, we found a brown bag in front of the door with clean towels, hand towels, rag, paper towel, plastic bag, almost everything which you use daily. It was such a nice surprise for them to prepare it for us – something you will not experience in most hotels.

Icelandic Water – the best water in the world

Iceland is also energy efficient because they don’t use electric heaters to heat their water. Instead, Iceland “digs” for boiling water thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface through Geothermal Plants. All of Iceland’s water comes from deep springs and you drink the country’s luxurious water right from the tap.


We bought bottles of water then just refill it every time from the tap.

It’s known as the best water in the world. We didn’t believe it at first, but one taste of that pure Icelandic tap water and we instantly understood what all the fuss was about. We loved it so much we brought a bottle back home for us to compare.😄 Check out the recent article published by CNN: “The secret to Iceland’s happiness? It’s in the water”

 Check out the coziest hotel, ever!

Northern Comfort Apartments

Skipholt 15, 105 Reykjavik