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Beautiful cities we've visited: Hong Kong, Paris, Maldives, Milan, Rome and Geneva

Beautiful cities we’ve visited: Hong Kong, Paris, Maldives, Milan, Rome and Geneva

Hey there! To start off, I have a confession to make: I had this blog for over 2 years now but obviously, I only had the time courage to start writing my very own first blog post.

You might be wondering why I’m saying “first” blog post when in fact there’s already an old entry here. He was actually the one who wrote to encourage me to start writing a post. Yes, unfortunately, it did not really work. Haha.

Well, the idea was for my boyfriend and I to work as a team to keep this blog running. My tasks involve photography, design and content conceptualization since those are my forte; while he, on the other hand, is the most amazing writer in the world and he’s an awesome (self-taught) graphics designer, so that’s his share!

Of course, since I’ve never had a blog before (not counting Multiply) and I feel kind of weird writing and addressing a post to random people (whom I know will not be reading this anyway haha), I just did not have the courage to do a follow-up post even when “C” (aka the boyfriend) had posted the first blog entry. I just couldn’t do it even if we had a lot of content and ideas for the blog – it scared me! Until another year passed, I asked him to revamp the blog design and make it “prettier”—I was not impressed with the first design template so I asked him to show me more photos. I was sort of procrastinating to the nth level. Haha. I then again asked him to write something to get the “energy” going. Another year had passed… still, na-dah!

We have traveled to a lot of beautiful countries and have seen breathtaking places; it’s a shame not to share our stories (through photos and write-ups), perhaps we can help others prepare their itineraries and give tips to other travelers like us.

C keeps on telling me not to be afraid and just write from my heart. I will try my best to do that. This will be a blog about our adventures and misadventures. Before 2015 ends, I hope I can publish this (done yay!) and post an entry about one of the best cities I’ve been to.

I hope we can keep it as active as possible and post as many helpful tips as we can. 🙂

Here it goes…


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PS: If you’ve accidentally been redirected to this site, please bear with us. This is a blog where (hopefully) you can find some useful tips from our adventures. Of course, you are welcome to give suggestions or if you have questions, ask away!


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